Fit For Life! aims to provide a personal training service with a difference. Each session is conducted by one of our highly skilled trainers and involves the use of a sms alert system that informs the client of where the session is located and what they will require. Session locations include the Botanical Gardens, our personal Gym, Elwood beach as well as various other outdoor locations. Sessions range from medium-high impact depending on the needs and the goals of the client. Before the commencement of training, we provide the clients with a survey regarding their long-term and short-term goals and aim to create a beneficial training session that caters to the client and will alow them to effectively achieve their goals.

Fit For Life! focuses on providing carefully planned and unique sessions to physically capable adults. The sessions are beneficial for young adults looking to build strength and fitness. Our sessions would be highly beneficial for the following groups, Sporting Teams, Athletes, Fitness Buffs, Members of Emergency Services and Corporate Organisations.

We at Fit For Life! hope that if you are looking to build peak physical fitness, bulk up, or if you simply just want to live your life as healthily as possibe, it will be us that you consider to help you do this! Our method of training is designed to push personal boundaries and test limits, while still remaining safe and controlled.

Fit For Life! is owned and managed by the partnership of David Grant and Luke Dellorso. As we have been friends for life it seemed logical to create a business together that focuses on our passion in life.

Fitness is now not only for Gym Junkies or Meatheads. It is an integral part of our society. It is proven that members of society are able to function better if their body is functioning at the highest level possible. As proven by the expression 'healthy body, healthy mind'. As the industry progresses we aim to progress with it, constantly incorporating new hard-hitting methods of training into our sessions. The days of repetitive jogging or lifting is over, the future of fitness is here and we at Fit For Life! are ready and prepared to embrace that future.

Our basic goals/aims are:
- to provide you with a effective service
- to be as creative and innovative as possible in doing this
- overall, to improve your quality of life

If you have any enquiries please contact us on: Contact Number: 0412345678
or visit us at our Head Office, located 12 Smith Street, St Kilda 3157

Kind Regards,
David and Luke of Fit For Life!