Business Evaluation

The strengths of planning what market we were going to enter into were that we are both interested in Fitness, and keeping fit. Also it is an industry that really makes a difference to the lives of people. The weakness of planning what market to enter into were our initial unsureness of how each session would be conducted and that the market is already saturated with many similar businesses.

The strengths of planning our financial aspect of the Small Business Plan were through research we were able to locate session prices of already establishedbusinesses, which allowed us to attempt to make our prices realistic and competitive. Our weaknesses were our initial confusion about how to complete our financial plan using the Excel Spreadsheet. Also calculating the break even price for the business was slightly problematic initially.

In respect to the image of the business, our strengths lay in the strong idea of trying to make our business differ in regards to other similar businesses in a very saturated market. We aimed to create a safe but effective business, with a positive reputation. Our weaknesses consisted of our business having no real direction or target market until approximately halfway through the Small Business Plan.

Our planning of our goals and aims was very positive. The goals and aims that we listed should be effectively achieved, and would benefit our business.

In relation to the overall planning aspects, Luke and I worked effectively and efficiently when we were able to. Although there were some constraints on this, including the communication between the two of us out of school, as we live in different areas. Ultimately this did not have a major impact on the business.