Fir For Life! aims to develop a solid client base by the end of the first year of operation. We hope that this will grow larger and larger as time passes, and this will make sure that the future of Fit For Life! is secure and prosperous.

Other future prospects include the training of our original Trainers in the running of Fit For Life!, with the hope that they will be able to launch their own Fit For Life! centres in various locations around the country. This would be a long term option. Also the selling of personalised equipment and clothing would be a path that Fit For Life! would endeavour to go down, as this would provide our business with added income.

Potential changes to the macro and operating environment which may have an impact on the business are societies changing attitude to fitness, for example negative press about skinny women may influence people to embrace their curves and not feel the need to apply for Personal Training. Another change may be advances in technology which lead to new equipment being developed and older equipment being refined. Other changes include suppliers undergoing financial problems, which may effect the purchasing of equipment, feedback from customers which may effect the type of service being offered and competitors which may change their prices or methods of training, which would in turn force our business to do the same to stay competitive.


· Unique training methods.
· Competitive Prices
· Society is currently very fitness conscious
· A love for the fitness industry
· Qualified Trainers with much expertise


· Many other personal training businesses exist.
· No previous experience running a business
· Small target market
· Unique methods may eventually become repetitive


· Holding events, eg. Fun Runs
· National Expansion
· Personalised Products, eg. Clothing and Nutrient Bars
· Free Trials to maximise clientele


· Increase in laziness of people
· Competitors
· Increase in Equipment Price
· Venues raise prices