​Fit For Life! provides clients with unique style training sessions.
These involve:

- SMS Alert system detailing where the session is located and what is required
- A range of locations
- Expert Trainers

Each session lasts approximately fourty minutes to one hour. Equipment is provided, but is covered by either the inital startup fee, or the single session fee.

One Year Membership: $800.00
Half Year Membership: $450.00
Single Session: $10.00
Two Week Trial: $14.95

Session times vary according to location and preference of the client. Clients who have opted for the one year, or half year membership are entitled to a maximum of five possible sessions during the working week if that is what they require. Gym access is available any time within the operating hours with the presentation of a membership.

We also provide a range of fitness related products, such as exercise equipment, protein powder and custom clothing. All located at our Head Office.

Our Head Office and Gym is located in the heart of Port Melbourne, as it is a popular hub of movement and interaction of young adults. It is also within jogging distant of the beach, where many sessions are conducted. Another possible location for the Head Office could be South Melbourne.


Our Staff are all highly qualified and passionate men and women. They have been integrated in the Fitness scene for many years and all posess the following certificates and qualifications:

- Certificate III in fitness
- Certificate IV in fitness
- Cardio Kickboxing Certification
- Sports Nutrition Certification
- Boxing Certification
- Aquatic Fitness Certification

- Rebel Sports
- gymandfitness.com.au
- Kmart
- Elite Fitness
- mrsupplement.com.au
- oceanicaus.com.au
- paddlerscove.com

Payments are able to be made by cash, check or credit. All types of memberships, excluding a single session must be pre-paid at our Head Office. Clients must pay upfront with cash if they require a single session as the Trainer will be receiving the money on location. Our two Managers (David and Luke) will deal with all questions and enquiries about payment methods.
Some safety precautions we take are:
- All cash is kept in the register
- All cash is locked in our safe at closing hours
- Cash is banked regularaly at varying times
- Our bank statements and books are constantly checked over and reconciled